Easy and flexible payment plans available.

Easy finance, the good old-fashioned way

There is 0% finance available across all treatments

Most companies that provide finance these days use a finance company or finance broker. This involves passing all your details to another company, who then set the rules, decide how much you can borrow, and you owe the finance company for money you borrow. We are a little different.

We provide all our finance ourselves, which means we are more flexible and easier to deal with, because it’s our decision how much we will offer and on what terms, and when you speak to one of our friendly receptionists about booking your next treatment, they can answer any questions you have about our finance plans.
All you need to do is tell us on the day of your treatment that you would like to pay using finance. We will work with you to design a plan that is tailored to your budget, and then ask you to sign a finance agreement with ourselves and fill out a quick form (please ensure you have an email address and bring your bank account number and sort code to the clinic), and that’s it. We setup the direct debit with your bank, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Say hello to what is probably one of the easiest finance packages available.

You could be eligible if you:

  • Are aged 21 or over
  • Finance available to persons aged 21, Subject to Status, Written Quotations available upon request
  • Loan repayment schedule spread across the number of treatments
  • Employed Full/Part time or Self-Employed
  • Provide valid ID and proof of address.
  • Spend a minimum of £750
  • Pay an initial deposit of 25% by debit, credit card & bank transfer
  • Pay fixed monthly repayments over the agreed period
  • Complete and sign an Instalment Payment Plan application form and agree with our T&Cs.
  • Have been a UK resident for a minimum of 3 years
  • Are paying for the treatment yourself.