What are milia and what do they look like?

A milium is a small, raised bump on the skin. It is a type of tiny skin cyst filled with a protein called keratin.

Milia is a dense subcutaneous formation in the form of nodules white or yellowish with clear cut boundaries. Milia can be localised to the temple, cheek, around the eyes and the nose.
It is a type of cyst filled with a protein called keratin. Milia can come in an array of different types and it not always obvious why they appear. Neonatal milia is prevalent in babies and arise from sweat glands being under developed. Primary milia can occur in both children and adults and occur in areas of the skin which have not been damaged or suffered injury. Secondary milia however, affects the skin in areas which has been previously damaged or injured. Perhaps after a burn or rash. Milia en plaque is an extremely rare type of milia and can develop on inflamed, raise patched of skin known as plaque. This is occurring in middle age women in the main. Multiple eruptive milia appears in crops or patched and develops over a weeks or months. Fortunately, at The Wimbledon Laser Clinic we can treat milia. We use cryotherapy, laser treatment, dermabrasion and chemical peeling as different ways to combat milia.